Some good news for aussie devs working from home:

Easy tax deductions for working from home. 80 cents per hour


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    "Must keep a dairy"
    😞 you said it was easy
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    @C0D4 dear diary... 😅
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    Dear diary.
    Today the Australian government thought I was worth $6.40. Yaaay.
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    @Root underrated.

    Shouldn't be any different from all the forged bullshit Centrelink makes you do on unemployment anyway.
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    @pythonInRelay I haven't applied for 200 jobs in 1 night before for that bloody blue book.....
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    @Root $32/week of my tax bill * 6 months = $768.

    It's not a bad idea since the amount of fuckery you usually have to go through for this kind of thing.
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    @C0D4 weren't they going to raise the amount of unemployment to like $3000 grand though or something, up from what was it $650 a fortnight? They were going to more than double it. Unemployment used to have you forging that you looked for x jobs per week and after x weeks they'd make you do some ridiculous, pointless course on making a CV or something. Not sure if it's changed because I read that a long time ago.

    I'm too lazy to read all this but yeah it's like $1100 extra now a month or something: https://theguardian.com/world/2020/...

    Wonder how much of it is going to drugs/gambling.
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    @pythonInRelay back when I was on it, it was about $500 or so a fortnight, maybe less and after 12 months you had the forced employment course for CV writing and working directly with the recruitment agency to find you a job, although most of those are just slot fillers, I did manage to get a decent one who got me into this industry so they're not all bad.

    Yea you had to apply for 20 odd jobs a fortnight and keep a record of them all in the "blue book", which they could request to check at any time, sucked when I stopped actually looking for work, being unemployed for 12+ months gets to you and you have like 50 odd jobs to fill in under 24 hours.

    The hoops you had to jump through were ridiculous and the moment you start getting work they try and find any way possible to get you off the system, by force if necessary.

    Yea it's doubled to 1500 per fortnight for the covid shutdown, but that falls back in 5-6 months, I'm sure the junkies will be dead by the end of it with the extra funds so win/win right?
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    @C0D4 I doubt they'll reduce it. As if people are going to be able to go back to peanuts after they've had a taste of prawns... It'll be a shitstorm if everyone has 6 months to enjoy that degree of a standard of living and then they go back to nothing. Especially because businesses will adjust their prices to match the amount of money people will now have, but they certainly won't lower them again. I bet you a six back it won't change and the govt. will when use it as a publicity stunt to say how nice they are.
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