client: I'd like to see this and that on this page.

co-developer: but those aren't in the requirement!

me: #facepalm thinking, "Who hired this guy?"

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    Client: I AM the requirements
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    @alexbrooklyn bring up requirements only gets you more 🙁
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    If they're paying, don't argue. If they want it for free, reply with a statement it work.
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    Wax on wax off
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    You need to pull him aside and tell him that as long as the client pays then there is no problem. That attitude will get you nowhere.
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    Depends on the contract. I'd agree if T&M. If it's fixed bid, scope slip is real and you pay for it.

    I don't think that's the case here, I've just seen too many firms destroy their dev team's morale and make client relationships unprofitable bending over for bad customers to agree with that statement as an absolute.
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