I was thinking about how youtube stands as the most used platform for videos, however the more creative/professional oriented platform Vimeo could still establish itself few years later. Same for Facebook and LinkedIn for instance.
So I was wondering how much new ideas could come out following the same reasoning. Any ideas?

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    Network effect and not offering enough benefit to overcome that.
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    What @Fast-Nop said. People are lazy by nature. They won't change something if it doesn't offer " much more".
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    There is a move going on with media. As platforms become more and more biased people are moving to platforms with less bias, or their preferred bias. I could see this happening to social media as well. In the end we will end up with people getting their news and social interaction only from people in their own echo chambers.
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    @Demolishun very good point
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    @Jilano It's not just "laziness". When people publish videos, it's because they want others to see them. A better platform with less audience range is the worse platform because it fulfils this number one objective worse. Similarly with social media and auction/sales platforms.

    Range is not a nice addon, it's the number one "must have" feature that new contenders are necessarily lacking. Obviously, that's a vicious circle, which is why we have witnessed market concentration after the initial market diversity phase.
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    Don't forget hate clicks.
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    @Fast-Nop but I imagine it would be easier to gain more viewers on a platform where there are less videos uploaded. It would probably be easier to get 100 views on a platform that has 1000 active users, than to get 100 views on a platform like YouTube. Considering that one got a very little to none fanbase
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    @Creep On YT, there are so many people that a hundred viewers are easy to reach, and potentially millions, while the other platform in that example has a hard upper limit of a thousand.
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    As a rule it only takes a fraction of users abusing a system to push unpopular policies into place that annihilate the user count.

    If theres a well known, or growing stand in, it's a matter of providing the service or platform at the right time to gain these users.

    No different than one business hiring a bunch of goons to cause trouble with customers out front of another business.
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    @Wisecrack Excellent point. There are billionaires that literally having nothing better to do than fund stuff like this. I am not against billionaires, just the ones that fund nefarious shit trying to damage governmental systems to no longer do the will of the people. They often fund groups that support anarchy and destabilization.
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