So does every project manager pretend to know how coding is done? 🤷‍♂️

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    Mine doesn't. He just says "it's done when it's done" he's cool though.
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    You mean how things should be done? Unless they're a veteran programmer... **A good one that understands technical debt** they just BS and pick the quickest way.. And everyone suffers, especially when you're a dev that does but get overruled and can't tell others to do it the right way and stop creating a pile of shit...
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    Yeah almost all.
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    I had done a lot of PM as a lead developer before, and I don't think I would've enjoyed being under me. I tend to lead projects like leading a military unit in a war. There was no need for me to pretend. Anyway, the best PMs (usually more social personalities) I knew did not pretend. They just had PMP and other certs under their belt but with no real coding experience. Maybe there's an observer's bias here, but in my 30+ years in IT development work I have yet to come across a PM who would pretend that.
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