When I read the rants here it's like people don't love their work or would rather not make their children be a developer someday.

Where's the Care Bears when you need them.

Come back to semi-darkness. Dev is fun!

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    Not at the moment.

    Trying to implement AWS IAM Signatures without the SDK.... don't ask, but let's just say It hates me and I hate it right now.
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    Do you really have fun doing every task, even the shittiest ones?
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    @blubberfish it's not always fun but net I'd still be doing tech work if I have a 2nd life.
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    @iamai me too, but complaining about suitty stuff helps :)
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    Somehow I don't think the tasks themselves are the problem. Office culture is just depressing.
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    It is not called DevPraise.com
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    Well this is devRant? So it's based towards rants. Not gonna have many posts about successful projects that went smoothly?

    Same with users I guess, these people your telling about probably wouldn't be on here in the first place. I think those goto http://dev.to
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    This is how you express your love for something. By describing in detail all the reasons you hate them.
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    Care bear reporting for duty!
    How may I be of service, m'am.
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    @scor Nice timing! Please give these whiny beings a full spectrum and double blast of 🌈 rainbow asap. I'll then look for that pot of gold at edge so we can do a final blast of 💰 money for everyone. If those coins hit them hard enough they might just stop being miserable and sleep-it-off.
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    @iamai care bear care stare 🌈 ☠️
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    here is specially for you :)


    *walks away eating KitKat*
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