So after the original idea getting scraped during a hackathon this week, we created a slack bot to fetch most relevant answers from StackOverflow using user's input. All the user had to do was input few words and the bot handled all typos, links etc and returned the link as well as the most upvoted or the accepted amswer after scraping it from the website.
The average time to find an answer was around 2 seconds, and we also told that we're planning to use flask to deploy a web application for the same.
After the presentation, one of the judge-guys called me and told me that "It isn't good enough, will not be used widely" and "Its similar to Quora".
Never ever have I wanted to punch a son of a bitch in the balls ever.

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    P.S. We made it in around 5 hours.
    Github link: github.com/GurpreetSK95/CodeNinja
    Hope it helps actual programmers :D
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    Quora? Seriously, I haven't found a single answer I could use related to programming. Or other topic. Similar to those accepted "answers" on microsoft websites like "I restarted my machine, it works!". The world is full of retards.

    Good job btw! ^^
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    Good God, what a tool. Don't listen to people like that. They're the same dirt bags that said flying planes were impossible
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