Being a developer is about signing up on things yu hve no idea how to do
It feels like taking a deep dive into the deep dark unknown

And reassure the client that you will complete the project and satisfy them

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    Rarely do devs to very similar things multiple times. Every big project almost always contains unknowns.

    That’s why I refuse to estimate time.

    If you’re bothered by lying to customers and phony sprint plannings I can recommend switching from the consultancy business to a fixed product development team where you usually have to worry way less about time estimates and stuff like that.
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    Same here dude..
    Been trying to delve into win desktop app for 2 weeks and still I don't know what I'm doing
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    Which tech stack you using
    I started desktop apps 2018
    Using py + Tk... then 2020 replaced Tk with Qt still getting a hang of if
    You can check my Tk app at:

    My Qt app at:
    You can check the 1.2.3 brunch
    Uploaded yesterday
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    WPF, UWP using C#.

    I want to try running your apps but have to reconfigure my python first (only have python 3 atm) 😅
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    Ok send feedback no matter how bad it is LOL
    the Qt app runs py 3.7
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