Greatest thing just happened.

Get a ticket about orders not being processed in our webshop. Angry customer. Critical!!!!

Starts troubleshooting. Nothing has changed in the code recently, was working just fine yesterday. Works locally and on test server. Hmmm...

Take a chance. Writes back to customer: “there! Try to place an order again” without changing anything.

5 minutes I get back “awesome! Everything works again and all previous orders have appeared. Good work!”.

Happy customer. Happy dev :)

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    The change in attitude is amazing
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    @alexbrooklyn the customer probably realized the dumb input he/she was entering that caused the error and was just so happy the developer didn't see that during investigation
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    "We did not make any changes recently. Can you try transacting again so I can check the logs?"

    *customer realizes he's dumb*
    *customer doesn't make the same demands again and learns to re-check his transaction before raising an issue*
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    And now it seems like it was your fault
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    Don't tell the customer he is dump like hell. Just send an invoice for your fix.
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    @Wombat you don't have to tell them they are dumb. You just need to ask them to screenshare with you so you can understand the steps to replicate the error. While they show you their screen, something clicks in their brain and they realize their mistake and the error is gone.
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    @iamai ahha, and most likely it will be solved before any screensharing
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    my standard response when I ran IT for 450 people on my own...

    "IT, we have a problem!"

    I wait 5 mins, go back and say, is it still a problem.

    "No, thanks for sorting!"

    I'd say a good 20% of issues are resolved just be waiting and trying again.
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