Interview (first job):

Interviewer: So what languages do you know?

Me: Well, i learnd C, C++ and Matlab scripting, but i'm learning C# as a personal project.

Interviewer: Perfect!

First day:

Interviewer(now boss): So, a guy is leaving next week and you will be replacing him. He has 70 projects and you will be responsible for this production test platform in JAVA

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    Best rant of the day.
    Run as fast as you can!
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    this sounds horrible man, how do you feel about it?
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    This is where your response to every "can you look at this issue?" can be "Sure, I'll look at it :)" and you won't be the one at fault.
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    I had something like this in my last team, 70 is a lot though lol
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    @AleCx04 Honestly, you guys are making me feel scared xD

    Up to now, i'm only working on one and no one mentioned the other projects (still in a safe zone). Just hope it stays like this...
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    Some are older projects that, i hope, are becoming obsolete, and only a few are in actual development.

    Good part, no due dates yet.

    Bad part, when they appear, hope i can handle them...
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    @edulipe damn fair, good luck!
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    Play along as long as you learn.
    Search for other positions in parallel.
    Get sick on sickening.
    Eventually leave.
    Good luck.
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    ah, the classic switcharoo.

    the "best" one I ever had was being accepted for a "c# unity3d hololens r&d programmer", and then on a first day being told "yeah, that'll have to wait, here's some ASP. NET intranet apps we need maintained"

    yeah, at least it was the same language, but i explicitly said several times that i'm a "multimedia programmer looking for multimedia programming position, since i'm bored and depressed by all the intranet website cr...uft."
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