I have legitimately identified an 9 figure (possibly more) market with 1. massive demand, 2. sufficient supply, 3. literally, I kid you not, zero companies in the field. No regulations to speak of.

The overhead is trivial and it is very much a network-effect based market.

No I am not joking. Yes this is real.

What do?

edit: 9 figures not 8. Yes it's that big.

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    Get rich bro
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    I'm just mind boggled that theres not a single company in the space.

    How do I go about raising the funds to expand quickly?

    The idea is fucking *trivial*.
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    develop an mvp that can potentially get investors attention, from the stack you selected get the most interesting buzzwords out and generate a plan of action with detailed statistics and LOOOOTS of chart data that would make it more convincing.

    Youse a math wizard! You got this.
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    This isn't a math shitpost.

    I know fuck all about math (thats why I own a calculator) but I'm a god damn wizard in recognizing opportunities and breaking them down.

    Spent six months convincing my father in law to purchase a property. "I have no money."

    Explain to him to sign on his brother, which is his FIL's biological son, knowing if my father did, his FIL would cosign the loan.

    Told him put in a shop (played on his dream of owning a shop), knowing it would fail, but that the property market and the property itself would improve in value. More than a year later he sells the property for $25,000 margin and part ownership in *another property*.

    Likewise, methodically convinced a former employer to switch away from IBM, a medium retail chain (I've told this story before).

    These aren't the only instances either.

    Like a rat, I recognize an opportunity for cheese from a mile away. It's the only thing I'm good at apparently.
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    So I'm not asking for money or anything, only advice from someone who has *actually been involved in the software/startup business*, what seeking investments is like.

    Specifically, is angel investment a legit direction to go?

    Also this post has nothing to with the project HeyHeni, myself, and another guy are working on. This just occurred to me and I'm stunned by the complete lack of competition in this new field.
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    fill one of these out, practice your elevator pitch and go see a loan officer at the bank.
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    moar detailz pleez (i hope it's not ready-to-use disinfectant syringes)
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    @Wisecrack at best its just passed under every ones radar, some simple ideas do until someone proves they are there.

    Other times there is a reason for co competition, there might not really be a market, just the illusion of one.

    Good luck though, if no one tried, we would not be chatting away over a phone :)
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    Thank you M1sf3t. This is exactly what I was looking for. Could not for the life of me remember what it was called.
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    @Voxera it's gonna be great. We're calling the new product "opium".

    It comes from this exotic place called the far East. You're gonna love it.
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    no problem. You manage to get all of that filled out you should have an idea of whether there is or isn't a market. Just make sure your realistic about what your putting down, actually do the research, don't just say I think.

    You can talk an investor into your idea whether its viable or not and they will eagerly throw money at you when you do. The difference in success and failure is knowing beforehand where the money needs to go and when it needs to go there. otherwise you'll waste both time and money trying to figure it out on the fly.
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    @Wisecrack what sums are we talking? International business? B2B or B2C? Is it a SaaS product? What kind of people would you need to make it real?
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    @eval maybe he discovered weed
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    @molaram shhh you're stealing product ideas!
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    Just wanted to pop in and say that angel investors are awful and you should stay away from them. This is coming after i helped my friend with 3 startups.
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    @yellow-dog you take what you can get.
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