I'm stuck in a rented apartment in my work-city and working from 'home' during the quarantine. Now, the owner wants me to leave for a month while he shuts down the place - right after the quarantine ends - when I HAVE TO GO TO OFFICE.


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    You could explain your situation to your landlord and ask for maybe two weeks allowance so you to find another place to live in? You could also talk to your manager about the situation and they might be able to help find you a place or extend your wfh like if you stay with a relative for awhile whose place is a long commute from the office.
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    @iamai I've talked to the landlord but he's not budging. There are others boarders too and he fears that someone if us will bring the virus once the quarantine is lifted.
    About the manager, yeah the company can actually allow extended WFH but the thing is - the manager works from a different city and he is to come visit this place to talk face to face with us, the team and meet some higher ups. I don't wish to be absent at that time... Let's see what happens. Thanks btw.
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    @RikaroDev Too bad for him. Don’t leave. Lots of places have moratoriums on eviction. Also it is incredibly hard to have an eviction enforced in most places. Check your local rights about it and make a coalition of renters or something. There is no legal authority that is going to permit a whole bunch of tenants to be displaced right now.
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    To all the good people who cared to comment here... Finally talked the owner though the issue and yay I don't have to leave. Thanks for caring.
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    @RikaroDev Glad to hear it worked out well in the end :)
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