installed linux mint along side with win10.
alocated 25gb space on my ssd for mint (as i would only install couple of browsers, git, python tools and atom)
26hours of happiness. yess im finally back to Linux 💒
Today: Turns on pc, unable to read or write root fs.
turns out lint used 11gb for boot fs and 12gb for swap! and now I'm locked out of my dev environment (wrote so many codes which is in boot fs)
F. M. L

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    Use a live CD to repair or get the files back.
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    yup, doing that. I'm just disappointed at myself. should have done better.
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    12GiB for swap is insane. I usually set it to 4 max
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    @tekhouse exactly! most of thr time i have 8gb ram just sitting there doing nothing 😡
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    It is funny how Linux users blame themselfs for such things instead of Linux. Would it be that difficult for the OS to give a hint that the configured setup might fail?

    All hail Linux.
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    @Yeah69 Ha, yes. I like you.
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    @yeah69 i took the blame upon myself because i knew linux does this type of fucked up things but i still never checked what's happening.

    btw, problem fixed :') thanks
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    @NotNihan Do you have 12 Gb RAM? It might default the swap to the same amount of RAM. BTW, I heard somewhere that swap wasn't as necessary today, with ssd and multi-Gb of RAM. I cannot find any logic behind that, can anyone?
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    @NotNihan yeah, I know. I just wanted to point out that if you would replace Linux with Windows in your rant, then this comment section would go mayhem about how shitty Windows as an OS. But if Linux messes up, yeah, than it is your fault for not knowing. And there are a lot of things you have to "just know" with Linux.
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    @Gauthier Well, one could say it isn't necessary, as modern PCs usually have loads of RAM (8 or 16GB), which usually aren't fully used. If I don't have swap and run out of RAM→crash, but If I have swap and run out of RAM → unusable because it's so slow → crash
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