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    I might have overcooked the one I had, but it hurt a lot when I ate it.

    On a more serious note, it's a nice little machine but you need to do some research beforehand depending on what you want to do with it.
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    great for running https://pi-hole.net/ and keeping your surfing experience mostly advertisement free.
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    It boils down to a mini linux pc thats fun to play around with.
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    Regardless of the actual brand of the one-board PC: First check, that all drivers for all the parts you want to use are in the vanilla mainline kernel (experimental branch does not count). Then only buy if the check is positive without any doubt.

    for the RaspberryPi, the vanillamainlinekerneliness may or may not depend on whether you want to use 3D and/or video playback hardware acceleration.
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    Arduino but better.
    Or not.
    Depending on what you need.
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    Pretty cool as a small local Linux server. I installed owncloud and use it to sync my PC's.

    I'd prefer an arduino for electronics stuff tho.
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    If you have use for a surprisingly capable mini Linux PC, then you'll love it.

    @Ranchu not even comparable, Arduinos are microcontrollers. They have very different use cases.
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    Have a use for it before you buy it.
    Mines a paper weight with a web server on it, although I do plan on getting the new 4GB version and making a small laptop with it.
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    Pretty cool for personal use and prototypes, but don't put them in 'real' products.
    (Unless when you're going to use the compute module. That one is fit for integration in products)

    It's not that they're bad, but when you make a product, you want some guerantees that they'll be produced for a long while. The Pi foundation does not give such guerantees.
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    @RememberMe I should have added "Pun intended" shouldn't I..
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    @C0D4 A 4GB paper weight does sound cooler than a regular one
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    Fun little things to play with. Slapped docker on my two pis. Now they run Pi-hole, Plex (streaming server), and a minecraft server.

    Eventually I will probably look into building a cluster and orchestrating them with something like Kubernetes.
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    Very nice little machine. I'm using a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to host 5 Discord bots I've made with Python and it works like a charm.
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