I know it's not really related to development, but I got in a discussion on twitter and one dude tweeted "in science, 1 isn't 1"
And so I was like "mate what? science is highly dependent on math and in math, 1 is kinda always worth math"

And this this girl comes in and just says:
"it's not true that 1 is always 1 because there's binary code as well"

And was was like totally astonished, like, have you even studied something? 1b = 1d = 1x and it's always 1 in whatever base!
(she even says she's some sort of engineer in her bio)

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    okay, now I'm curious. When isn't 1 == 1 ?
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    @netikras well her answer was "if you use 1 in 2nd position, like 11 in binary, the first 1 isn't worth 1" and shit like that.

    It's in italian, but if you want to see for yourself, here's the link: https://twitter.com/docChicco/...
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    @ZioCain in that case a spoon is not always a spoon.

    If I used 8 spoons as binary bits, a spoon in the 1st position would be "1", a spoon in 2nd position would be "2" and a spoon in the 3rd position would be a "4". So spoons are not spoons -- they are sometimes numbers!
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    @ZioCain If you look at her account you see that it isjust full of copy & paste phrases she found on istagram or facebook... You shouldn't even argue with people like her lol
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    @MarcoCeccon yeah I just figured out later... even tho right now, after a bit of discussion, she sounds reasonable and capable of thinking
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    @ZioCain maybe it was a bait
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    Seems like she is an engineer of post factism.
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    @scor That this phrase exists makes me sad.
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