Helped this guy with one part of his project. Now i wake up everyday to can you do this for me requests.

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    @sweetnothings Precisely, last night at 1am as Im off to bed i get a bevy of messages, "Hey!", & ""Why are you ignoring me..."
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    My reply would have probably been "It won't be cheap, but I can get back with a detailed estimate and scheme of work if you're interested."

    Usually scares them off quick.
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    If it's not your job, then decline. They can't force you to do something not part of your jobs description. If it's a friend, there is no harm in declining as well. If the person is a reasonable person he/she should understand the situation.
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    My reply, after saying no more than once; “fuckoff.” - then block the number.
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    @AlmondSauce I did this above my last reply before was about not doing it for free.
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    @sweetnothings Luckly i am that ice cold idiot, who would kick someone from my group, just because if i somehow found the person annoying me, not doing his part of the project or not even show up as much as i have.
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    @sweetnothings Too many leaches out there, and all to often they are the ones to excell on the backs of others.
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    What is the point in doing anything if you're going to someone else and asking for them to do it for you?
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    I got a lot of money off of these people in college, give him a price, do the project in your free time and he will pay up before the deadline 🤷‍♂️ worst case scenario you got in some practice for yourself
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    @yellow-dog I wish, college life was 20+ years ago lol, This is a person who got in contact with me from the Facebook Python group
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    Walking through the development community is akin to walking down a busy street; sometimes you've got to put your head down, avoid eye contact and keep going...being charitable has its limits.
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    Just say no..


    > Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

    > - Caesar Speaks Scene

    Reminds me also of:

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    I find MMORPG's can be good places to practice saying "NO!", but only after you have levelled up and are sporting the best gear, and then everyone wants to be your 'friend', and have you help them out..

    I'm reminded friends / relatives of mine who when they got old, or injured, and could no longer help anyone, practically all their "friends" disappeared.
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    "I will be appreciated"

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    @lanfiro Accurate for the both of us apparently.
    I've started trading favors.
    Most of my acquaintances have no idea about programming, but chose to join the CS courses.
    I get many requests now and charge them for them.
    He he he.
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    But think about all that sweet exposure you can earn.

    Everyone knows exposure is the most potant currency. All developers feed thier families off it.
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