So I thought I was still on AWS' trial period. Turns out I'm not anymore and I just paid $50 for last month and still have $40 to pay at the end of this month. FUCK. I used it for my internship but I can't ask them to pay me that money back because it was my fault not knowing that I wasn't on the trial period anymore. Also, that's more than half my monthly income, what a shit currency my country has. I could've bought a new 60% keyboard I was after with that money ;-;

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    start a gofundme.com and make it funny. 😄
    Like "lol what a charming dumbass, here have $20 😄"
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    You should call/chat with them... Beck in the days when AWS first started I was in college and wanted to try the free tier. Only problem was I ordered a 8 core 64GB windows VM because I thought the student account meant anything.

    Got an $80 bill so I called them and they were nice enough to cancel the bill. Apparently it wasn't clear that free tier only covers the smallest Linux server vms
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    @billgates oh I didn't know they were this nice. I'll give it a shot and see if they can cancel the $40 I still have to pay. Thank you!
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    @neeno $100 is nothing to them honestly. They make billions a year... And apparently on Prime which is 110$ a yr they're actually losing $ at least in terms of value. Free 2-day shipping isn't exactly free to them so if you just order like 30x a yr your already at break-even
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    A lesson for next time: use billing alerts :) Set them to $0.01 and you'll know when you're using smth out of free tier bounds
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    That's how such "free" services work, by catching customers who don't read the fine print.
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    @Fast-Nop I'm fairly certain AWS doesn't include this in their business model though. All the tricked idiots combined are still insignificant compared to what a bigger company may pay them, so they'd rather burn 100$ to satisfy a single prospective client (especially a dev) than surprise him with bankruptcy.
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    @netikras the thing is, I saw on my billing page those $50, I found it weird but ok. Right beneath that it said I didn't use almost anything of my free tier, so I imagined it just wouldn't charge me those $50. TIL that I'm stupid af :/
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