Finally my first app is on Play Store. But, since I don't have that much experience with the "make muh app visible" side of things. Even if I search specifically for that app nothing shows up. Am I doing something wrong or missing something?

Here's the app tho, prolly the description does not have keywords or something 🀷🏻‍♀️


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    Felt the need to downvote for making an app with a "ly" name.
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    @odite yeah I hate it too. Didn't know that name to use so.. Sorry (kinda)
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    It's also open source 😊

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    Google requires a minimum number of downloads to happen before it can become searchable in play store

    Share it with all the people you know and encourage more downloads
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    Congratulations, feels good right? How much effort did it take for you to get to this point?

    So tell us what thoughts are going through your head when you hear the word "Marketing"?
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    Dunno how to start, but here's a tl;dr.

    I've been learning the basics for over 2 years. Once I started to understand how things work I decided to make something I'd actually use. So here we are, after almost a year of development, a somewhat working app.

    And a out that marketing thing... Yea, I, I kinda hate it. Using some catchy words and flashy images. Nah.
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    @ttomovcik I see, so here is a lesson for life:
    "Everything you do, you have to sell it to someone."

    So please curb your prejudice about marketing and start to dig into it and learn the basics.
    Wether it's customers you have to convince to use your app, convincing a potential employer to hire you or convince your team leader your idea is the better one - your expirience in marketing will save you. Marketing = the art of convincing someone.

    If you make an app, start with design and marketing and not programming.
    What is it that people want and why?
    How can i deliver that in a way that is unique and useful? You may want to learn what a Value Proposition is. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/...

    You may ask, why is this important?
    It's important because if you know the value propositions of your app, you can choose the right tool or chanel to adress and convince potential customers to download your app.
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    for example it's not wise to pay a huge amount of money to place advertisment on tiktok for an elderly care app right? :D

    So who do you think would be a potential user of your labour of love? and why?
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    Great Job! I'm trying to develop some apps for android too. What framework or language are you using?
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    If it's open-source then also publish it to f-droid
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    @heyheni I would though maybe that's why no one uses my apps.... I'm not motivated to build apps for other ppl... Unless they pay me (day job). If I build an app, it's cuz I want it.

    I tried building some Android apps a long time ago for Play but lost interest in maintaining them really quickly... Because I wasnt using them. or bc it was good enough for me, so couldn't care less if others used them....
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    @billgates my moma always said that the biggest joy in life is to help others. ☺️
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    @heyheni unless ur a narcissist... Maybe that's me... I seem to help others only if it's convenient... Probably why I don't want kids... Or pets...
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