Who else hates Teams here? I really think it's one of the worst programs I have to use from time time. It's full of overly complicated features and bad UX design. Slack is soooo much better and more user-friendly.

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    you are not a office clerk, aren't you?
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    It's better for video conferencing then it's alternatives, you can really spot the difference when you jump from webex, zoom, ect and someone has a poor connection and then jump in to teams and you can actually see them and not the pixelated crap it was moments ago.

    As for text based chat, it's a bit painful if you have 15 pinned chats and can't see the unpinned ones below the fold.

    And teams - teams, yea you'll get it if you know, have this shitty reply to a post kinda thing that's completely different to normal rooms.

    So yea teams for text -> it needs improvement, teams for video 👌
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    The UI sucks ass... so not intuitive
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    But for video conferencing and calling it’s better than Skype, and webex and zoom
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    Meh, I find it ok (as in I can put up with it), but certainly prefer slack.
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    There are definitely problems with it but it mostly works for me
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    Also using it on mobile sucks. I don't want to download their app and going to the mobile site just says my browser isn't supported. I need to use the desktop page on my phone to get it to work and it makes it even worse
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