Nine months learning django and react only to find a job that requires php and bootstrap 3... Omg how tf I'm gonna find time for all this?

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    would you like to leave Venezuela one day too?
    If so learn as much as you can.
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    @heyheni I really don't wanna leave, but the situation is getting worse every day... So yeah... I'm trying to get a remote work so I can move to another country with out money issues...
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    @josemfcheo nobody wants to having to flee his home.

    So i advise you to learn the following in addition to programming.
    The writing of a concept paper and design thinking.
    Basics of Marketing, writing copy text that sells, doing market research, sales techniques.
    Graphic design: typography, grids, proportions, color theory.
    SEO search engine optimization.

    the goal should be that you can sell websites to small businesses like hair salons, carpenters, metal industry, logistics for 5000+ € in Spain.
    Search the online phone book and look if they either don't have a website or have a shitty one. Note then in a spreadsheet. Prepare a sales pitch and cold call them. Convince them that a modern website is a must in todays competitive market.

    good luck!
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    @heyheni Thank you so much for your advice! I'm already working on some of these things. I'll keep you updated if I can make it happen!
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    @sqlkid Not everything written in PHP is 10 years old spaghetti or Wordpress.
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    how bad is it in venezuela right now? I only get western news about Venezuela. Is it really as vad as they claim, rioting in the streets, police running people pver with armored vehicles, people eating pets?
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    @Wisecrack Well let my try to describe such a complex situation...
    All the things you said have happened but not all of the time. For example 2 years ago there was an incident in a manifestation(people claiming their rights) where 2 people got killed by an armored car, here and there you can see people in the streets demonstrating against the government but get dissipated by the police and the army and some people in extreme poverty have had to eat dog...
    The problem is the government, Nicolás Maduro and his criminal band have destroyed the country during the last 20 years, robbing the money of the country, drug trafficking, selling our selling our natural resources to the Chinesse and Russians, the public services don't work well... Fucking communism got it by the hand of Fidel Castro made a huge
    separation of social classes, now some people have nothing and others are rich(We call they "Enchufados" because the got "Energy/Money" by corruption).
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    @Wisecrack The National currency(Bolívar) is worthless because of inflation, everybody needs dollars to buy everything here, (1$ = 180.000 bs), i'm lucky cuz I have a job that pays in USD but no all people are so lucky and they are in a very bad situation...
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    @Wisecrack Because all that shit, a lot of people have moved to other countries searching for a better life(Good and bad people but you only hear bad people in the news because they are doing bad things)...

    I would say, 85% of people are in a very bad situation, 10% are in a mid situation cuz they are making a big effort and other 5% are rich and live good life full of luxury...
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    my god. I'm so sorry to hear all that has transpires my friend.

    what is the average cost of living a week there? what is considered "good" income?
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    @Wisecrack I would say 300$ per month, but 85% of people can't earn that much... Services here are cheap but not work very well... (Picture of the place I live as bonus)
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    @josemfcheo i would start a business laiminating and framing bolivars and selling them to people in the u.s. as "a piece of ongoing history."

    or make art/political statements and sell those.

    realistically though sounds like barter and subsistence living almost. totalitarianism fucking sucks.

    I feel for you guys over there.

    whats the political situation? will your president be ousted you think?
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    Thank you for your concern! Besides the efforts of USA(We apreciate that a lot), I don't think that he will get busted soon... I really don't know... Because of that I'm planning to leave, already lost my childhood here and don't wanna lost more time...
    Colombia or USA are my 2 options
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    @josemfcheo both have their problems but you'll have better odda in the u.s. realistically.
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