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Build succeeded with 8 warnings and 231 errors.

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    Sounds like a win!
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    Task failed successfully!
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    Shouldn't the number of errors always be lower than the number of warnings?
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    @gitstashio No. You can easily have e.g. no warnings and one error.
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    @Fast-Nop Ok. That does not happen where I am currently working. We have thousands of warnings and a small yet varying number of errors when building our codebase.
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    @gitstashio Yeah that's typical when people have been sloppy for years and have only fixed errors, but not warnings. The warnings will accumulate to the point where they become useless because you won't notice the ones that hint to actual bugs.
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    Not gonna lie, you had me wtf'ing in the first half...
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    Reminds me of my conception
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    Build failed with no errors.
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