GitHub is tiktok but for programmers.
Change my mind

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    Wrong, I don't video myself being a dumbass for updoots.
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    @C0D4 production medium aside, there seems to be quite a few people that publish examples of themselves being a dumbass on github. I imagine at least a few of them naively expect to get stars rather than critiques
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    @M1sf3t this is a thing? 👀
    Fuck this world is moronic at times.
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    @C0D4 exactly why I'm content to stay my ass out here in the boondocks. I'm just glad the majority hasn't found gitlab yet.
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    @C0D4 But... Would you do it if there was a risk to lose your updoots?
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    TikTok is Chinese spyware, Github is NSA spy platform
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    @Jilano nope, my updoots don't define me, that just make me look important 😅
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    Kinda. Ppl will do anything for internet points and it's insanely retarded
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    People are accurately described by their devrant usernames.

    Change my mind.
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    Github doesn't:

    - Filter out the poor and ugly.
    - Prioritise it's PR department when a death happens on the platform.
    - Try it's best to skirt sound copyright laws.

    They're pretty different.
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    Nah, not enough tits on Github because it isn't Tithub.
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    Bruh this app is tiktok for programmers.
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    Tik tok is a good looking app/site tho
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    @thatguyatwork I choose to believe that you did not say that.
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