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    Kinda wanna get one for shits and giggles lol
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    @Stuxnet this is perfect for my Rpi laptop I want to build.

    8GB would make this viable to actually use.
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    @C0D4 I don't think this is gonna work. I use a RPi4 with 4GB as kind of second screen and real linux device parallel to my windows work setup, and it's just not powerful enough. Just a browser with a few open tabs noticeably slows down the UX. And it does not run out of memory in this case.
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    @ddephor I'm not planning on making it a full blown laptop to replace my own, just basic browser usage and terminal is all it has to really do.

    Side project for the kids to build/use.
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    Im defintetly making a 3D printed laptop out of this PI.
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    @ddephor what browser?

    I went with a nuc years back never regretted it
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    Are you even remotely able use that much RAM on a Raspi in any use case?
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    @PonySlaystation a single process can utilise 3GB under x86 OS, and 8GB under a x64 OS.
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    @C0D4 Yes, but what kind of process?
    Are you going to run a DB server on that thing? 😄
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    @freddyjohn for my use case, I don't need to extend it beyond a 12inch screen, a battery pack and wrapping a case around it.

    My current one (3b) is just a dust collecting web server I mess around with from time to time.
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    @PonySlaystation I do that on a 3b already 😅
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    @hjk101 Firefox.

    The Raspi runs with lightdm.
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    @ddephor that is a bit odd. I know ff quantum can use up a but more cpu as it runs on multiple cores and some js processes can keep it going but the quad core 1.5 ghz soc should be more than sufficient for some browsing. Something else must be going on here. Perhaps no 2d offloading to gpu?
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    What's the point in having 8 gigs if your processor doesn't even crack 2ghz.

    I love these things but I bought the 4gb and I'm thinking I really don't need it.
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    Raspberry doesn’t make sense at all,
    the project is designed as an open source hardware. It’s good for playing around but if you are the person who wanted to make to make some commercial product based on it that is just not possible
    1. Usually BOM of pi and specifically processor is not for sale , Broadcom makes it only for pi
    2. Even for pi zero , low power current is 150mA and active current is 450mA
    These are just bad numbers

    People will say it’s the cheapest computer and that’s a big deal-agree but the people who are actually buying it are capable to afford the normal computer
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