I am interested in how you guy discover devrant.

Does someone refer devrant to you or does your feeling explode and you finally found devrant?

As for me someone posted a link on Discord.

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    Found a link on a post in programmerhumor on how much te subreddit sucked
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    I think I saw something about it on Instagram.
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    Playstore recommended it for me
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    I typed "dev" into the AppStore In 2016 and scrolled, and scrolled, and oh god I remember being so bored out of my brain that day I was just scrolling and scrolling even more, then suddenly a wild
    " :/ " appeared.
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    @C0D4 And then you use pokeball to catch it.
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    A friend recommended it to me after I landed a job we both knew I wouldn't enjoy
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    @mr-user that's a detail I left out, you were there that day?
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    Many joined 4 years ago because of an 2016 article in the tech newssite "the next web". Including me.

    "devRant is the app for developers who like to complain (aka, all of them) - TNW.com"
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    My coworker Jeff shared it with me.
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    I googled for "XYZ is shit", don't even remember what it was, but devRant came up. I thought, what a bunch of stupid assholes here, so I registered and felt at home.
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    Found it via some article back in 2016
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    I was super angry with my job last year, and one day in my desperation typed angry thoughts in Google and gave me a devrant rant as a result... And here I am
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    Telegram programmer memes
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    I wrote fuck Xcode in Google , it linked me to dev rant
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    I didn't. It discovered me.
    The app just appeared one day, and I haven't been able to remove it.
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    Funny how most of the comments are about ranting to Google HAHA

    I don't really recall, but I don't do that. I either found by looking for "good arguments against X", or comparison of techs, or something like that. It was really accidental.

    I posted one or two things here and kinda left... Until I got this new amazing refactoring gig that is completely awful, recalled DevRant exists, and here I am again :)
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    Some guy on Discord that I no longer talk to. I mean, I would, but he just disappeared like everyone always does.

    Maybe I actually am Error from Undertale?
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    @Root Find me on discord, I will talk to you 😊
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    It just popped up on the Google Play Store
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    @dfox free market research for you 😄
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    My friend had found it and recommended it to me, so here I am 2+ years I think
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    Saw an article about it on fossbytes.com three months after launch!
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