Im learning Angular for my new job. You guys have any suggestions on what I can build (over the weekend) to learn as much about the Framework as possible?

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    You'd be better off spending the weekend just going over the docs to get the high level concepts. They have examples you can play with. Understanding how the pieces fit together is the most important part (DI, zones, services, filters, interceptors, httpclient, bootstrapping, components, syntax, builds).

    After that learn rxjs. If you don't, you're going to have unmanageable garbage as angular.
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    @SortOfTested Thank you, I actually did that, but I feel in order to really understand it (especially how to purposefully use rxjs) I have to build a small app with it that goes a bit beyond the usual todo list :)
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    @ngCry Well....

    Take an excel sheet with some data and convert it to an interactive web application.
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    What @IntrusionCM suggests is a good idea. I would suggest excel itself would be the application to implement.

    Build a table application that allows you to mutate the table, and use rxjs to implement the operations and formulas in cells. This would be an excellent way to learn RFP, how updates function in angular, and how to share observables and operator compositions.
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    Buld a web shop with a cart. Have the info about the cart accessible anywhere (like total price or item count or what would the price be if you added this item). Thats one clear cut use case of rx.
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    I'd recommend you to get familiar with:
    - Dependency injection
    - Components and their templates
    - Component Input & Output
    - Module declarations and providers
    - Router
    - ngIf, ngFor, ng-template, ng-content

    Try to not use the command "ng generate" as you'll learn more if you write the class yourself, it's not much anyway.
    Skip the testing stuff as it is not needed in the beginning.

    You can follow their guide and implement the heroes tutorial.
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