And my very first purpose built server is online!

Only in LAN still, but not for long :)

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    Fucking go sleep
    Actually, nevermind.
    Efficiency increases at 2AM
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    @Ranchu "No I'm doesn't"
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    Good! now shut it down and put your code in a serverless function/container.
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    Next time, make sure to hide your up address. It very dangerous to show that online 😉
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    @Geoxion I dare you to DDOS it ;D
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    @shakur It's bascially just an old pc I didn't need anymore. Throw in some harddrives, install a linux server distro, set up nginx and you have your own home server!

    If you want to have it accessible from the internet like mine is you may want to pick up a small router to use as a hardware firewall just in case

    Right now I use my server for nextcloud, git and for samba remote shares
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