When Coronavirus become a household name, our Manager said:

"This is a good to time to build a real-time chat system like Zoom. If anyone is able to build something like it, it will help our company grow."


Manager: "There is a lot of demand."

[More silence]

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    "Doing years of work in a couple of days as an overtime without any pay" is a superhuman strength 💪
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    To this we respond,
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    "if anyone is able to build something like this, please come tell me to FOAD when you get rich"
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    I'd ask what the deterministic respond needs to be. Real time systems are designed to respond within a deterministic time frame.
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    @opengenus this is how most managers who’s towering intellect is really a gift to humanity think. It takes a really special person to think of such a unique idea that nobody else though of
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    The sad thing is this tucker gets paid more than you, drives a better car than you, has a better house than you and likely gets more sex than you.
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    I would reply: "Even a better idea for these times we're in would be to find a general purpose cure like antibiotics. That would really make the company grow much more. Anyone can find it in a matter of days?"
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    Is this the new "Let's build a social network like Facebook, but different"?
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    Just make sure it's a blockchain, micro service, AI powered online meeting solution.
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    @helloworld i don't understand why you repeated the same thing four times in the same sentence.
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    @helloworld obliviousness can be a superpower when correctly applied. those that can, assume nothing..*including what they already know.*
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    @Midnight-shcode Because I’m obviously not as smart as you.
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    Ah my pains.

    You need a simple file upload portal? Why not AI powered uploading?

    Simple ToDo app? Okay do ML powered ToDos...

    Slapping AI ML BigData Blockchain Microservive Cloud... These managers be like slapping this around on all the stuff.
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