Following my last rant, my current employer told me it wasn’t right for me to assure a job first without telling him first I was planning on leaving.

How does that even work? Am I the only one who thinks that makes no sense at all?

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    If it's not in your contract... it's not in your contract.
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    @C0D4 Sorry but as first response you’ve been chosen to read my complains.

    Our tech leader has been missing for 4 months and we have reviews open for the same time. That means not being able to merge anything on the company main project since then.

    But because they wanted to keep developing now we have like 4 branches on every service that no one is quite sure how should be merged.

    If you get to this point thanks lol.
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    @eptsousa this raises concerns I wasn't expecting.

    I'm just going to be blunt and ask why that position wasn't filled in any way, shape or form, or someone just doing the job while the lead fell of a cliff?

    Surely the work still needs to make it to production?
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    Long story short...

    Tech lead is one of the owners of the startup.

    The company has other projects so it will not go bankrupt(not completely sure)

    Other owners don’t take initiative on keep the project flowing.

    Basically fuck me.
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    @C0D4 oh and btw we know he isn’t dead, just clinical depression and decided to stop taking his pills.

    Nothing against them as persona at all. But I rather save my ass before the ships sinks.
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    @C0D4 oh and that’s the thing NOTHING has made it to production on the last 5 months
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    That's bullshit. It is your absolute right to find a new job. There should be a resignation time in the contract which covers their ass so people can't decide to not show up at work and still get paid without consequences.
    Other than that time period noone has any obligation to announce their resignation outside that time frame.
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    @nnee I have them a two week notice and offered giving the new employee a basic understanding on the projects I worked and the overall important points of each one. I honestly think most people would even care after they leave such place.
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    @eptsousa And that's perfectly fine. Depart on a friendly basis doing your job and introducing new people to the project. If they do not see that as enough it's their problem of an intellectual sort.
    Anything else or more could be up for negotiation but that's between you and your current employers wallet.
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    @nnee at this point just wanna skip next two weeks because stand ups will be uncomfortable as hell lol.
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    @eptsousa get out while there's still a ship paying you.
    There's nothing worse then getting out and they go balls up and don't pay you out.

    I've been down that road before, One of the key reasons I won't work for a startup anymore, one day they are in business, the next day you're out on your ass without a paycheck.
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    in my country, afaik, it's normal for the employer to fire you for something like "gross violation of work morale" (it's an actual term, not sure if i'm translating it properly) if they find out you're looking for a new job. it's percieved similar to looking for a new partner while in relationship.

    but i agree that it's stupid.
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    Which country you're speaking of? Because I don't think it's normal at all to fire employee who's job searching (as long as it doesn't affect his/her productivity).

    What can be legally pursued is if there's a non-compete closure in the contract and he/she breached it.

    In worse scenario, I have seen a team lead moved to a new company and brought all his team with him. Yet, the former company didn't do anything about it.
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    Never tell them you're planning on leaving, before you secure next job. There's a high chance they will want to get rid of you fast. Because who would want to employ person, who doesn't like his job?
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