master -> main/default/primary
slave -> secondary
blacklist -> deny list
whitelist -> allow list

Let the age of newspeak commence!

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    I'd prefer stable over any other term
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    Master master master master master
    slave slave slave slave slave slave
    White list white list white list white list
    Black list black list black black list

    If you're weak enough to be made uncomfortable by COMMON words, this industry isn't for you. We're a logic based community and you display a lack of basic logic.
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    Not gonna lie. I always like stable/staging/develop for main branch names than master/feature.
    But like, the reason Microsoft gave is dumb as a shit.
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    I work with Master, UAT, Develop, Feature-x

    The only thing I would do is change Master to Production since that's what it is, but then why should I change a private repo for a snowflake that'll never see it?

    They are already off the white/allow list for it anyway 😅
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    i mean, yeah, those terms make sense and i would have no issue with them.

    i have issue with the principle of changing names and words arbitrarily because some fictitious people might get offended. so, no. it's master and slave and blacklist and whitelist.

    the only case in which i might consider the courtesy/reward of agreeing to the change would be when black population which is 10% stops commiting 60% of the crimes.
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    @cafebabe your comments are so spot-on and yet I have no doubt they'll be ignored as they do not compliment the OP's PoV and others' supporting it
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    fuck no
    using white and blacklists has nothing to do with racism
    using master and slave has nothing to do with slavery
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    @Trithon welll.. I'm not sure you're right about slavery :)
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    @Midnight-shcode yes, because black people are responsible for over policing. And are also monoliths.

    I don't know any black people who particularity care about naming conventions for software development, so your equivocation and rage seem pointless to me. Keep up the logic, you're doing so well.
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    Let's not bring this shite here, im gonna kill myself if i keep seeing this nonsense, bloody hell, we cant say this we cant say that bullshit, there is only one rule dont be a dick to ppl regardless of who it is other wise your gonna end up with different groups of ppl at each other's throats. Its already started, black lives matter, blue lives matter i think there should be one for Asians and South Asians next The native Indians get a group also need one for the whites too and the last time i checked women's lives also matter so we need women's version of all the above then we can assign certain parts of the world to certain groups so no one ever gets offended by anyone
    Thats the only fuckin solution i see
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    @conq oh, yes, because it is the amount of policing that produces the amount of crime, same as the firefigters going around setting buildings on fire, you're totally right!

    and regarding treating them as monolith: i will treat a thing in my counterargument the same way as the other side treats the thing in their argument, as long as the other side keeps claiming they hold the license on Truth.
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    ...ESPECIALLY when the whole argument is a stupid farce that doesn't deserve any consideration, let alone serious one
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    @Midnight-shcode yep, logic really working well for you there. The mental backflippery must make you dizzy.
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    @conq correct, your mental bacflippery is making me dizzy
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