Wtf is happening to tech security... Last 4 months

All WiFi is now crackable. .. in short amount of time
Windows . . Annihilated with this new bug might not be fixable... and work back on all of them
iPhones cracked ...
Linux dirty cow ...
Android been suffering.
And everyone knows Mac's security is joke ...
Finger prints ... Made pointless on everything.

Literally all going to shit .. 😐

And I know how to do all this... It's all out in the open not even hard to find

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    Did I miss something, or WPA-AES with WPS disabled and decent password is safe?
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    Didn't get the wifi part, have any sources?
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    @Kolyness @GieltjE annoyingly my source has removed it, but it's easy to find, yes they can be more secure if you have one longer then 9 digits it takes to long to crack ... Wps doesn't play a part in this

    Over 90% of the population... Do not have a long enough password ! That and it has to be dictionary attackable!

    It's easy to find just look into the recent NSA tools that were leaked you can find them on the deep web might be able to find article on surface web

    Combined with Kali Linux it's insane...
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    Sorry, do not see anything special, having a 12+ char pass has been known for many years now and brute force attacks are far from new.
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    Source is down.. I'll check

    Oh wow .... These news areas are wrong 😂 check the deep web

    They were leaked and these tools I have heard about are not .... 3 years old surface web is going on about operative leaving it on server 3 years ago.

    That's a different leak then the one I know about ...
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    @GieltjE believe what you want to believe 😉
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    Any tor link for the tools would be appreciated
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    My WiFi password is:
    But first you have to find my house 😂
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