Less recruiter and more recruiting company.
Specifially: Robert Half.

t;ldr version:
Robert Half is scammy as hell, and they 'fired' me for quitting when my girlfriend got raped. Really.


Robert Half took half of my paychecks for the entire duration of my contracts with them. I didn't know right away because, as a policy, they hide how much the hiring company is paying for you, and they also forbid the company from telling you. (The company pays RHI, RHI pays you). Makes sense why they hide it because it certainly pissed me off.

Long story short, I worked for a php dev shop through them (after telling them to lower their fees or i'd walk), worked there for awhile (while remote moonlighting because why not!), and quit. I quit because my girlfriend at the time had just gotten raped, and with the emotionall fallout from that, there was no way I could focus on two jobs and be there for her. My boss understood and let me leave, though it put him in a bind.

The next day, I got a call from the regional manager of Robert Half. He was a total tool. He demanded to know if I quit, didn't care why I quit, proceeded to "educate" me in the finer points of why that was unprofessional and why i'm unemployable, accused me of lying about idr what, and finally switched into legalese to say "I regret to inform you that you can no longer consider Robert Half as a means of employment." (or something along those lines) and hung up on me. Asshole. I hope various large someones rape him so he has an inkling what it's like to be objectified and thrown away like trash.

Guy was an asshole; probably still is.
RHI was awful and scammy; probably still is, too.
Wasn't really a fan of the job either.

So at the end of it, I wasn't out anything but some patience and serenity (a lot of serenity). I kept the first (remote) job, was there for my girlfriend, and helped her through everything.

But yeah, Robert Half?
They can fucking go to hell.

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    Good lord... I'm so sorry, but glad to know one more name to avoid
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    Incredibly sorry to hear that - that's beyond awkward, that's dealing with the lowest scum of the low.

    "He demanded to know if I quit, didn't care why I quit, proceeded to "educate" me in the finer points of why that was unprofessional and why i'm unemployable"

    You listened to this guy, especially given the situation?! Damn, you've got more patience than me. I think I would have called him out on his BS, explained that I'd be warning all my contacts against using the company in the future, hung up before he got a chance to get another word in, then held nothing back when reviewing on Glassdoor.
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    @AlmondSauce Less listening and more of a shouting match 😅. But yes, I warned everyone I knew away, and lots of people I didnt.

    And I'm apparently still doing it!

    Remember, kids:
    Robert Half. Not even once.
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    Fucking he’ll, what an awful, low life, shitty thing to do.
    Was actually thinking today about a previous job where my manager got away with treating me like shit just because I was having a tough time. Nothing like what you were going through though.
    These weak arsed motherfuckers get away with it because they are literally happy to shit on anybody they see as a commodity instead of a human being.
    I hope he gets chronic crotch rot and ends up regretting every day of his empty soulless life.
    I also hope that your girlfriend is ok and you live a long and happy life together, free from fuck heads like that.
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    @Root there is a very special place in hell reserved for this kind of creatures.

    Companies like this one and rapers likewise.

    I don't dare to ask, how your GF is feeling and how both of you handle these events. I can't remotely imagine, how both of you might feel..

    Some things on this fkn world should never happen and in moments like this, I deeply regret that people like us have to share the planet with the aforementioned creatures.
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    @UnicornPoo @rootofskynet In all my editing and shortening I may have removed all references to how long ago this was. 🤦‍♀️

    It happened ten or so years ago (and we eventually broke up; unrelated). It took her six months or more to start getting over the nightmare.

    To make some light of the situation, she did knock the guy out with a birdhouse 😂
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    @Root frankly it doesn't matter if these events took place 10 years, 10 days or 10 hours ago. I meant every word, like I said it. 🔥

    A birdhouse? nice move considering the situation.
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    The Regional manager sounds like that kind of bitch that has to shown hes domination from his job title, because his only identity is his job and is nothing without it. He is probably also the kind that only got promoted by backstabbing everyone else.
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    @rootofskynet Yep! It was a wooden birdhouse on a pole that happened to be handy. Sadly he came to and ran off before anyone showed up.

    I bet he had a headache for days.
    But it should have been years 😡
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    @Root So the cops didnt get him?
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    @Frederick Ah hell, I edited that part out too. No, the police never caught him.

    I tried convincing my ex to take karate or judo classes after it happened. I still have no idea why she didn't. Then again I haven't either. I really should.

    Come to think of it, she said her grandmother had ties with the mob. I never quite believed it, but if it was true, maybe there's a reason the police never found him? I can certainly hope.
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    Yeah, i hope that fucker got fucker by the mob.
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    Makes me wanna throat punch the next suit I see. Have some ++
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    What a terrible experience. F that Robert Half.

    Fast-forward to today, sounds like you're in a MUCH better place, and for that I'm glad.
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    I usually don't like this, but you can use social media to get back with Robert half, or whatever company it is. If you have Fir chargesheet of incident. In the beginning, it might be difficult, but people who have gone through same as you, they will join you.
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    I think I am on Robert Half's side on this one, but you sound so righteous about it that I believe I must have misunderstood something, so let me summarise and correct me please.

    You were working for company A. Company A's service is to have you work for company B. Company B pays company A for providing you, a consultant. Company A pays you a normal wage.

    You quit with company B for some reason instead of company A. Company A is furious and fires you.

    Um, except that this guy could have been nicer, what else did you expect? And why didn't you quit company A instead?

    I've worked a few temp jobs like that and this was how it was supposed to be handled or did I completely misunderstand you?
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    @TheCommoner282 it is at will employment. @Root having a good reason should have made the situation extra carefully handled. No boss should ever berate an employee to their face for quitting under any circumstances, especially dire ones.
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    I kinda want to know who the guy is. Maybe I'll ask him for coffee when I visit that area. Who knows? If things go well, he may find a well-lubed barbed wire in his anus. An automatic human skin peeler and a sprinkler machine that sprinkles alcohol or salt every few minutes. Gardening is such a nice hobby especially when you use assholes like him for what they are really born to be - fertilizers.

    I hate this guy.
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    I'm more worried about the victim.

    You can punish the culprit.
    But the victims won't heal.

    I find the outleash against the culprits worriesome.

    Not because I'm against punishment, but rather because that's easy.

    Trying to help victims... That's... Hard.

    Meh... And unempathical people like Robert Half are a serious problem.

    Good job @root
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    I thought Robert Half was fictional.
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    @-red Bloody well should be.
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    @Parzi Appreciated, but it's been too long.
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    Robert Half is horrible. I went through about 3 days in talks with them years ago and realized just how big of assholes there recruiters are and how shitty the company is. Everyone should avoid them like the plague.
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