Microsoft is shutting down yet another product:

At this point I'm neither surprised, nor mad. Simply sad, cause I kind of liked Mixer.
Well, R.I.P. just like many other MS projects...

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    Not that i used the platform, but a bit sad to know, since the streaming platform run by simps twitch, deserves some alternatives.
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    @Frederick I was using Twitch way prior the Amazon purchase, since it was the only platform. I've lost track on what is happening on game streaming these days.
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    @Qaldim The rules and managment of Twitch has gone to shit the past few years.

    Some people getting banned for absolutely nothing, while some other streamers doesnt get banned at all (like doing animal cruelty).

    Overall the same rules doesnt apply to everyone.
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    @Frederick Double standards depending on the revenues each streamer brings?
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    @Qaldim Well, its the weird thing its not all ways based on the size of the streamer.
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    The saddest part is they moved everything to Facebook Gaming...
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    @JS96 "We wont make deals with our creators"
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    @JS96 From what I've understood they're moving the user-base and the streamers will get some new contracts with conditions as "close" as those they had with Mixer.
    I think Facebook is not competing with Microsoft in many sectors, maybe AI and A/VR? The other two big platforms are owned by rival companies, aka Amazon and Google.
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    @Qaldim seems like a weird mix, and just my gut, but microsoft and facebook seem like they'd make a good merger.
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    @Qaldim you mean back in the days when it was justintv? That is more than a decade ago. Time flies...
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    I'm just laughing at the fact that they brought Ninja down with them. Plan: buy Twitch's most expensive streamer and then go out of business
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    @AlgoRythm Well, Microsoft is not known in being a consumers' company... Only Xbox seemed to be working, I don't know for how much long though.
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