Apple annual conference.

Do everything that Android, Windows and linux already do almost a decade later and everything is cool again???

I seriously feel bad for the consumers. I can't believe that they get away with this every year.

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    Some of it is catch up, some of it is UX improvements.
    I briefed over the iOS part, since not much else is relevant to me and found the widgets (although catching up to Android) a much needed feature.

    That and Appclips 😊so many times you get asked for a bloody app to buy something these days. But again more of a UX thing then a real "inovative" change.
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    I didn’t realize you had to be the first person to do it for it to count (shrug)
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    I used Windows Phone for 6 years, I used iOS for 4 years, and I'm using Android now.

    I used to be a Microsoft fanboy, then I started to try everything without being fanboy of anything.

    And sorry, but, at least in my opinion, iOS after the yesterday conference became the best OS for smartphones, they added everything was missing and people wanted.

    It's not innovative, they're not the first to do thing, but when they do it they add so much small details and quality the overall experience is better.

    And if we want to talk about MacOS, just look at the consistency of the UX in comparison to Windows... Microsoft introduced Fluent Design in 2017 and they still didn't figure out how to make it and where to put it. 3 years and a lot of things are the same others have been modified more than twice.
    It took a lot but the missing features they added are high quality.

    Maybe for someone is sad, but they're a really great tech company. IMHO.

    - Sent from Windows 10
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    When android has it, it’s probably broken and raw shit that they put together quickly just to be ahead of iOS at least in something because being ahead of iOS in meaningful things such as performance is impossible for android.

    When iOS has it, it’s polished as hell, though of and ready to use. At least I’m sure that iOS widgets won’t drain the battery like it was on android 4.1.

    The presentation was amazing, I can’t wait to see the new arm cpus that are both more performant and more efficient than intel. That is brilliant idea if you think about it but nobody could force the developers to recompile anything for arm so apple stepped up, which is extremely responsible thing to do.

    I used android flagships for year, but after touching dirt cheap first gen iPhone se I felt that I was lied to for all those times before. Same story with MacBook.
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    Too bad that bashing apple for everything you can think of fits the agenda here and you can easily harvest some upvotes just with some bullshit like “reeeee apple bad”. Android and Linux are cool, I get it.

    I can’t believe they get away with this every rant.
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    Apple fanboys triggered in the comments
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    Surprise! @dontbeevil got triggered because someone said nice things about something that isn’t Microsoft :o
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    While I prefer Linux because I can completely customize my machine and I know exactly what it is doing, my second favorite is definitely Apple. It’s a beautiful prison, but it’s all very smooth and performant and reliable, and does so many things right. I am genuinely impressed.
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    @Root sorry if they touched your beloved apple and you have to mive the attention on me at any cost... But i know apple fanboys are like this, no worries
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    @dontbeevil “Your beloved apple.” I own a single non-work apple device.

    You call everyone a fanboy except yourself.
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    @Root here we go again... Linux fanboys are even worst (i have nothing against linux, it's just its fan club)
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