Oh yeah I love when all the clocks in the building suddenly go crazy

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    Upside-down 12:06? (not likely, 1 wouldn't be apart if that were the case)
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    no, it's in the correct orientation. I also thought of a prank from the maintenance dept when I saw it at first, but the 1 would indeed be wrong, and the clock in the meeting room was displaying 93hours-something anyway :-)
    Fun fact: the only clock in the building that shows the correct time is the one in the IT dept office space...
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    @xanathor well that's suspicious then :D it's not even april fools...
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    You need to document the hours and fill in your overtime report. Hurry :)
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    @cors Actually we also have big face-clocks (with hands) in some places (they are all network clocks) and I have noticed they have been resetting quite a lot these days (you know, they suddenly start spinning 12 hours at high-speed to reset their time). So maybe a problem with a time server or whatever?
    That is funny the digital clocks don't actually reject these non-sensical hours-minutes in software though...
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    Wow, it's 90:21 already?
    I'll be late for college...
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    Holy ****, Marty get to the car!
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    Sometimes I do feel like working 90 hours per day tho
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    It's maybe time to go home!
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    Bring that up with the union.
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