Just some figma improvements from the perspective of a new customer:

* Copy/paste is broken. If I want to make a change, I have to create a whole new
component. They recommend cmd+c/v for copypaste but as far as I can see it does nothing

* Needs to be an explicit component drawer button instead of hiding it under assets. Through me for a loop for a couple minutes.

* Empty textboxes shouldn't vanish because you happened to click in the wrong location
while setting your properties.

* Text should start big enough to actually see.

* "send to back/front", "hide item", "change transparency' all need to be prototype actions and more, give us access to object properties both by parent/sibling/child, and by
object id

* create a new frame based on a specified size is non-obvious and if you're creating
a lot of frames, what with copypaste being non-intuitive, it can become laborious.
This is especially so when you're copying frames in order to make minor changes and observe the differences side by side, instead of potentially destructive edits.

* I see no obvious way to manage transitions/animations between frames.

* The difference between frames and groups isn't sufficiently explained. The words
frame, groups, and layers all appear to new users to be used interchangeably, even
if they are distinct things.

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    Duplicate is ctrl+d.

    Need a little 'keyboard hotkeys' button that shows a reminder div for common keys.

    Also I wouldn't mind having a pixel loupe. GraphicsGale spoiled me.

    Figma did get something right: Pixel nudge current selection using arrow keys.
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    Also apparently you can't edit the properties of *duplicates* of components?

    Apparently they're permanently locked?
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