Websites with a very bright background and very dark text make me psychopathic. Specially when I'm tired and moody.

Why can't everything have a dark theme and a not-super bright text?

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    There's a browser (opera GX) that has a feature that forces Dark Mode for every page (even if the page does not have one) it's pretty good, but some pages you've already enabled darkmode on can become extra dark
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    Dark mode extension for chrome generally works, doesn't like gradients though.

    What grinds my gears is light text on white backgrounds... and I work for a company that does it 🤬
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    @C0D4 Dark gray text on darker actually works. I really don't get why people would design something so awful that inverting the colors or changing either to a dark version would all be better options.
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    @Lyym I love OperaGX for some reason, works like a charm and that dark mode thing...oohhhh damn so good.
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    Chrome has experimental support for dark mode, you can flick it on in the flags page
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    Dark reader extension for both chrome and firefox
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    I like how y'all repeat each other. As if repeating it makes the solution any better.
    Used it, some websites don't really like it. They have weird font borders or have png images embedded or other stuff. It's not a one size fits all solution.
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    Especially now that all relevant browsers support the colour scheme selector, and it's just overriding some colours for dark mode, which isn't much work.

    The main sucker here is of course Safari which has no Webp support yet (but that is to come) so that e.g. product photos with transparant background become a problem. Sure, this could work via PNG as fallback, but would be too bloated. So it's three pictures - one Webp, one light JPG, one dark JPG.
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    Stop using websites: they suck.
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