I'm a noob at Deep Learning. What should be my first project on it? Something I could publish as a paper. Ideas are welcomed :)

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    >first project

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    Let me just tag in someone who knows about this topic ... @NoMad
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    @RememberMe Gotta add that sweet line on your resume!
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    MLP based MNIST digit classification. Just don't expect the paper to be published anywhere...
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    @RememberMe I meant research paper. I hope it makes it clearer now.
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    @devAstated yes, how is a first project fit for a paper?
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    @RememberMe I am noob as in I haven't build something substantial on Deep Learning yet. I have trained a few neural networks, though. I want to build something that has some value, you know. If I could publish it then it will increase the credibility of the project. Otherwise it would be basic just like how most of the college undergrads do it.
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    @devAstated You should absolutely start basic, like how most of the undergrads do it, if it's your first project - hence my suggestion.

    Sure, please do write up a research paper on it - it's good practice and allows you to cement your understanding. Just know that you're doing it for practice, not to get it published in a journal somewhere. That's never going to fly unless you have way more experience.
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    start basic
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    Not hotdog
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