That moment you call a php curl script to download files handed to it from a python script because the http request in python somehow get blocked by corporate bullshit, but you also need access to MS products for this script to work, which you can't do in PHP.

# Corporate "Security" is bullshit
# Fail, Adapt, Overcome

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    @stop I wish. Corporate has MITM SSL which makes my life a living hell at the best of days.

    They may changes, I need to adapt around it 😔
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    @C0D4 so every size is signed with the internal ca cert?
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    @stop almost yea.
    There's a few major ones that don't get resigned.
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    @C0D4 what is the python exception?
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    @stop Amazon and Microsoft for example, but that's because we use their services.
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    @C0D4 the exception python throws, sorry for not making it clear.
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    @stop certificate verify failed.

    Although adding the verify=false didn't seem to work, was just getting connection errors after that, gave up and wrote the php script to do it for me instead. It's just a curl call with php args nothing complex by any means, but the verify-peer and verify-hosts being disabled works.

    Not the end of the world, pros of working with multiple languages inside a corporate torture chamber 😅
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    Did you try using pycurl?
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