Ok so I'm parts UI/UX designer in a corporate setting so I use graphic editing software like Photoshop rather extensively.

Obviously, I'm confronted to a lot of admin rights restrictions, which is to be expected.

What I'd like to know is why the f*** does ADDING A FONT in W10 require admin rights ?

What's potential security loophole could one exploit using TrueType font installation exactly ? Or are they afraid someone's going to remove all system fonts from the Fonts folder ? Anybody that does that shouldn't be allowed access a computer afterwards.

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    There are a number of attack vectors that use fonts to fuck up windows machines pretty bad.

    Just spend 5 days "trying to figure it out", then pass to IT, wait 5 days for them to install the fonts, enjoy the free half a paycheck.
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    It's quite frustrating indeed.
    You can somewhat circumvent it by using www.figma.com with webfonts. Which would be good praxis anyway as Photoshop is for photo editing and not for doing interface designs. And developer get the exact measurements and all assets.
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    It's entirely possible for ttf files to contain malicious content. There used to be a very famous kernel exploit in loading ttfs a couple years ago. Security is a good thing.
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