How to permanently delete Twitter ?

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    sudo rm -rf twitter/
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    Place a "plz Hack twitter for meeee" on Facebook.

    Isn't there a delete button... nope, it's disable 🤷‍♂️

    Pull out the GDPR rule book and demand your account to be deleted.
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    @ScribeOfGoD How to access Twitter server ?
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    Don't get it in the first place, duhh
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    take a shotgun shot to your hard disk.

    It's definitely gonna be permanent.
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    Do you mean the whole company?
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    Easy, you tell Trump that China is using twitter to spy on Americans. Expect a nuke to Twitter within 24 hours.
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    You will need
    1. Ancient serpent skin
    2. The god weapon
    3. Water from the holy river flowing upwards
    4. Dragon fire

    you have to mix all these and take like 2 teaspoon daily for one week , Twitter will get deleted for sure !!
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    @hardfault you forgot the the horn of a Gunicorn and tears of a GNOME! What are you trying to kill this guy?
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    @theKarlisK I can get the gnome tears from Twitter
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    Pretend you're from Europe and invoke your right to be forgotten.

    Most places won't dispute your nationality (for now) and will just delete your information.
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    @sariel I want Twitter to be forgotten
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    Step 1: **Makes a general purpose AI**
    Step 2: just ask it
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    @Tounai what's Twitter?
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    Haking Twitter delet hole site bugit $5
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    Let them add "edit" button...

    Then let the nature of internet will do its job...
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    Couple of well-placed EMPs ought to do it.
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