So, I bought a gaming laptop to have a desktop replacement on the move.

Issue is, when I stress it, it's... Loud af, and runs really hot (~90°c)

Is that normal for gaming laptops? I dunno if I should return it as faulty of just get used to it.

It's Asus ROG Strix Scar III G531GW - An i7 9750H and 2070.

The temp issues only seem to be about the cpu, gpu runs around 80°C and is fine...

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    In my opinion, yes. That is why so many people don't recommend "gaming" laptops.
    I recently saw a new model that literally required two PSU, one for the GPU (a 2080 Super IIRC), and another one for the rest.
    That much power is bound to heat it up.

    In addition to all of that, you can't have a proper cooling system in such a small size. When even desktop have trouble keeping an acceptable temperature overall, laptops can only be worse.
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    Yeah that's fairly normal.
    Make sure it gets enough air, and remove the dust inside every now and then.

    If noise is the issue, I guess you could try to change fan curves, or maybe undervolt the CPU and GPU.
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    @Jilano @LotsOfCaffeine

    Okay, good, thanks for the reassurance. I think I will have to stick with undervolting slightly (And have folk around me get used to the fan noise. On my side, headphones are enough to drown out most :D)

    At least this machine has a buttery smooth 240 Hz display. Aaaaah. I love it so much now!
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    Gaming laptops heat up, it's normal.

    If it overheats get a decent fan stand for it to sit on, and hopefully it vents air outwards and not underneath it.

    Mine doesn't overheat often, but the keyboard can get hot to touch at times.
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    >buys asus
    >complains about shit cooling

    Whats next, the sky is blue?
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    @yellow-dog I stopped caring about brand differences once I heard crap about every brand I considered.

    HP, Lenovo, Asus, Acer - each brand has its ups and downs

    And to be frank, at least the machine has two independent cooling "tunnels" - one for GPU, one for CPU, meaning if one heats up more, it doesn't heat the other up, too.
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    Limit in game fps as much as possible 🍌
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    Console gives far more superior gaming experience as compared to PC
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    @hardfault console requires a screen, more cables, cannot run a vm, cannot be also used for work.

    My case was a powerful pc that could be transported.
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    @Aldar depending on the GPU and CPU it is normal that it runs both hot and loud. As @C0D4 already mentioned - it's a must have to get a cooling stand/pad that makes it more stationary but still mobile enough.
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    @Aldar although it's kinda true, there was a thing called Playstation 2 Linux CD
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    @thebiochemic or, you know, that time some Sony exec didn't talk with anyone from system security and made the company add an option to let people install Linux on any PS3?
    The feature Sony then removed when the consoles were already in the wild, and for which it received a class-action lawsuit that it promptly lost and had to dish out a lot of money.

    That was fun to watch.
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    @Aldar Okay TIL, PS3 can run Ubuntu, too.

    Just read about it, and it seems not that complicated, if you happen to own one of those unlocked machines
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    I asked Lenovo customer support if its normal to have my particular laptop model running above 90°C while gaming. I could see that my laptop was thermal throttling and wanted to get suggestion on what to do. Before I could even mention the throttling issue, he goes "it's normal sir, gAmInG lApToPs eVeN gO 100 -120°C" I am speechless.
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