From Bauhaus to Jessica Walsh, all the previous design experience and vision of the entire civilization lead to this.

This monstrosity is apple’s new battery icon in Big Sur.

I’m speechless.

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    At least they didn't use Comic Sans for the font.
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    That looks like one of these stock clipart images from 15 years ago when gloss was all the rage.
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    Thats a condom
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    @AlmondSauce that’s literally looks like those scammy battery saver apps
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    @JS96 all hail papyrus
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    @JS96 don't arouse ideas!
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    As a certified Apple fanboy© and a lvl 420 interface design expert , I'd say they did this as a prank
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    @AlmondSauce I still miss the glossy buttons.

    Before, the hardware was too shitty, then the glory of gloss came, and flat design killed it. Win7 was right in the sweet spot in between. At least, there's an Aero theme for Cinnamon.
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    Apple be like "presenting new and improved design IsNt iT aMaZiNG".
    Are you friggin kidding me.
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    @brown "Fashion changes, but style endures." (Coco Chanel)
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    I did enjoy the windows7 UI. Took me years to make peace with the modern ui and flat design. I would have completely switched to linux if it wasn't for gaming. Also linux ui was crap during the time and it took a lot of tinkering to make it usable as a daily driver.
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    I like the Big Sur design, overall.

    I still hate the experience of OSX, I prefer Linux Mint on both my Macbook and XPS, but the look of Big Sur is very zen in my opinion.

    My theory: They just put a few monstrosities out there now and then, just for the memes.

    Stuff like $700 Mac Pro swivel wheels and an ugly-ass Battery Icon is just bloggerbait. Articles and YouTube channels put "Big Sur" in every title, Google indexing does the free marketing for you.

    Fucking hell, even us devRanters have fallen for Apple's marketing ploys by posting this commentary. 😉
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    Well, skeuomorph will sure make its big return at some point, after all those UI/UX designers still have to pay the rent.
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    I'm waiting for the fanboy's explanation.
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    I like it. :)
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    @kristofersoler I really like how all those imperfections are representing our own faults that should be celebrated instead of forgotten, thus making this battery icon perfectly relatable OH COME ON
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