This is a question with a bit of backstory. Bear with me.
Firstly, i’m back (again😂) now pursuing my software engineer goal at a university.

I had a group project course this spring and me and my group produced a kinda half assed product that could help within sports teams, for a customer at the university (won’t go into details). After the course ended I couldn’t go home to northern Sweden and stayed in my student accomodation for the summer. So I took the chance and offered myself to continue work on the product this summer to make it more usable and functionable, and they hired me (first real devjob!🥰)! Now when I look into the parts of the code that I did not write (our team communcation were bad), I realize I don’t understand fully how it works and therefore feel it’s better for me (also to learn more) to rewrite some parts my old group produced, and to actually make it easier to improve. Now finally the question; how do you feel about taking on a product, scraping some parts to rewrite them, and (in your perspective), improve them?

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    Unless when it works just perfectly or if it's easy to extend upon, personally, I would only encourage to rewrite the codebase. After all, they may have written some mess, and despite the fact it worked alright before, it's no use to go with unmaintainable bunch of programs.
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    @vintprox Yeah you’re right, I often think ’If your code cannot be understood or read by others, it’s pretty bad code’. I’m pretty picky with trying to write understandable and clean code (good variable- and function names, indenting correct a.s.o). Since i’m bearly a junior developer I feel kinda like i’m probably not any better then the next person and therefore feel like i’m running over work someone have put their energy and hard work into.
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    @PetriJ a bearly junior developer 🤔
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    @electrineer Haha I have a hard time spelling some words I see😂 barely* ofc!
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