I help maintain software that services thousands of users across millions of dollars of infrastructure.

My resolve is stronger than steel during a production outage.

Plex goes down for 1 minute at home and my toddler loses it, and I'm a fucking wreck.

Wtf is wrong with me?!

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    My cousin’s ex-wife had a kid with assburgers’ who talked just like you do
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    That's what happens when you fail to teach kids that they just can't always have everything at once and foster their tantrums. Not much different from PMs.
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    @Fast-Nop I usually take him with me to the computer and walk though ssh, and resetting the containers with him.

    He enjoys it, and hopefully he gets interested in tech someday.

    I guess he doesn't actually "lose it" either. More of a whine, it's more heartbreaking than anything.
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    @molaram I'll take that as a compliment. Never met anyone diagnosed with Aspergers that held malice in their intent.

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    @sariel sorry mate was just trying to piss you off. I am an asshole most of the time.

    Regarding the rug rat situation: most of us are only really good at about 1-2% of every single thing we do. At most other things we pretty much just suck. So if you're an awesome developer it's only natural that you suck at parenting. And if you become good at parenting you it's only natural that you will probably still suck at something else. It's just the way we all are.
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    @sariel everyone has their weaknesses... :)

    I've got no problem with gross things.

    But when I see a water soaked cleaning rag lying in the sink.... My rage wreaks havoc and someone will pay for this atrocity. It's for me the most disgusting and horrific thing.

    Puke, shitty diapers, and so on... No trouble. But that.... Drives me insane.
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