So I have figured out that Microsoft loves Dungeons & Dragons.

Because there must be some mechanism in visual studio that uses some botched up version of the D&D rule set.

"user clicks a button, computer rolls dice, gets a 6, 6 means you are lucky".

"user clicks another button, Computer rolls dice again, gets a 10, now I crash".

Please remove this feature Microsoft, it is very hard for me to actually get anything done, not to mention getting it done before the deadline.

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    There was also that stupid Outlook bug they fixed not too long ago, where dragging a certain popup dialog in Outlook for some time made the undo feature unusable and eventually crashed the whole program. Why? Because for every pixel Outlook added an entry in the history for undo until an overflow happened.
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    @deadlyRants Holy shit that's bad.
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    @deadlyRants WHAT THE FUCK.
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    @M1sf3t microsoft is past its peak.
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