Every programmer's worst nightmare is when Stack Overflow says "You are the first one to ask this question".

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    Kind of like when the doctor tells you that the diagnosis is pretty bad but at least you'll get to name the disease
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    Or when you get a response to your question, or find a response to a problem that is exactly what you are facing, and it opens with "That's an interesting question, -".

    I don't want to ask interesting questions! I want all my questions to be stupid and duplicates with obvious oneliner fixes.
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    I asked a xamarin question once, 4 years ago. It's still being commented on. Fooking bloody hell mate. I swear on me mum.
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    Finding via Google or DDG exactly the same question I want to ask and/or containing exactly the error message I got.

    Thread 8 years old, no replies.
    Dupes everywhere, no replies.

    Or even

    Thread 8 years old, no replies.
    OP comes back some time later, just says "solved it, thanks" or "sorted it out" or similar. No further thread content.

    It's my fave.
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    @corscheid that hurts the most. Just fucking comment how you solved and what was the problem exactly. You can answer your own questions damn it!
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