Hi mates..

The default Network Manager Applet provided by Xubuntu is unbearable.

It randomly resizes the applet popup into different sizes eachtime.
No nees to tell about the unnecessary scrolling on popup.

Is there any alternative for this...?

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    nmcli :)
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    @netikras thanks for the suggestion
    But are there any GUI alternatives..?
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    I think the reason you'll see nmcli mentioned a lot is because different network managers competing for control is one of the most common culprits behind network issues in linux. If you do find a gui manager, make sure to check what it's actually managing.

    (I just use nmcli as well)
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    @de17 wicd for wireless. Not sure about ethernet
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    @de17 which version (networkmanager/xubuntu)?
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    @IntrusionCM 18.p4 xubuntu
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    @de17 okidoki.

    The thing is... Networkmanager Gnome Applet is used under XFCE.

    It could be the indicator API ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/... ).

    Depending on your knowledge / skills with linux, there are two things you could try:
    - using mutter (Gnomes WM) instead of XFWM
    - removing the indicator plugins (which will be more problematic I guess)

    The "fault" lies in GTK I guess. Using mutter is a possible solution, since the window behaviour might be more compatible (this is a very sad topic TM).

    apt install mutter --no-install-recommends (root)

    xfconf-query --channel xfce4-session --property /sessions/Failsafe/Client0_Command --type string --set "mutter" --force-array

    Hope I got it right...
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