Other PM: We must fix the database performance issues now.

Me: We can't. We're still only halfway on the dependency chain to tackle this and honestly, even if the dependency chain would be fulfilled, I'd leave at least 2 weeks monitoring the production after the changes were rolled out before we further poke around.

Other PM: This is taking far too long. And whaddya mean by dependency chain? Why was I not informed about this?

Me: *sigh* like in every meeting in the last weeks: the dependency chain are the current open blockers before we can proceed with the database changes. We've talked about this _at length_... Especially why these blockers exist.

Other PM: No, we need to start now. I've _examined_ at the blockers or "dependency chain" as you call it.

(Examined.... He opened on his currently streaming laptop, which was connected to the active beamer, the mentioned ticket with a detailed blocker ... And quickly scrolled. Yeeah. Warmonger...).

Me: I'm very tired of discussing this. But since you are already presenting us the ticket, read out the referenced meeting notes... We explained it in great detail.

Other PM: Why? This is just a waste of time!!!!!!!

Yes. This happened. Other PM was my nemesis.
In this meeting were 2 PMs (Him, Me)… I think 5 - 7 devs... And we were sitting in this meeting since 2 hours at least. Everyone was angry...

After this "manifesto of intelligence"… I simply left the room, followed by a few devs.

And yes. Other PM did this on a regular basis....

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    Classic, one of many reasons why they should at least done a bit of programming.

    They don’t have to be good at all, but it certainly does help there, A LOT.
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    @010001111 wouldn't have helped him... He was / is a misanthropic arsehole.

    I'm still thinking he only did Project management to be able to jerk off in the evening, getting off in how miserable he made some peoples life that day.

    I highly doubt any social human being could be with him.

    He was _that_ bad.

    (countless stories... but some memories should be left in the "box")
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    This is probably my most recurring frustration in bigger projects. The "don't spend time on it, just fix it". It's the same ritual every time. You make it abundantly clear that the quickest possible hotfix will only create more issues which will take longer to fix, and they still pull a pikachu shock when there are more issues.
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    I was getting pissed off reading this because I totally understand and know such situations.
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