First of all, this is a bit of spam. So maybe you don't want to read this. I don't want to waste your time.


I recently started a blog where I write about my experiences of dev life, git and others.

Currently it's only in Spanish but I don't discard to create an English one. :)

Blog: https://k-site.ghost.io/

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    Time to awaken my long lost spanish skills.
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    @Ranchu nice! Hope you enjoy the content.

    Tbh, I'm looking for the best way of implementing translations without much effort.
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    "Don't you dare telling me that I 'might not want to read it!' I'll read the entire thing even if I don't understand a word!"
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    I am competent in at least ghetto Chihuahuan Spanish. I'll muddle through 😊
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    @Jilano mwahahaha, call it "tactics". xD <3
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