I managed to remember some old Bitwarden (password manager service, I remember that linuxxx recommended me this one a looong time ago) credentials, so I logged in. I found an old devRant account - not my first though (I deleted it).

I've been a random lurker all this time (this is the first dev community I've been and I'm not planning to leave it until it dies), and it's good to login just to give my 2 cents.

I love you all. Seriously. I love you all with every single bit of my heart (get it?), impartially. Thanks for existing.

Here's an interrupted "caramelCase posted a new rant!"; it's actually longer but a wild guy ++'d my comment.

p.s: seeing my avatar, I don't use c++ anymore. I've just grew with Python haha

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    Welcome Back.
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    @caramelCase has a secret admirer, I see! 😮
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    @Root Can you imagine finding out publicly like that? :O
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    @Jilano I remember you, old @irene, @lasagna, @jAsE and @AlexDeLarge. Look who’s left :)

    I also have a theory that @SortOfTested and old @irene are somehow related. I just feel it.
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    @Jilano Someone wrote a rant specifically to say that they would date me irl. So yes.
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    @uyouthe Ha! And you're right about these two. They're actually twin brothers.

    @Root Fair enough, I remember that one. Some people sure are "special".
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    Banana smoothie 😋😋
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    Oh hiii 😊
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    @Root ngl, I really liked her rants

    @uyouthe bro, what ended up happening to jAsE? Why did he left? I remember when everything happened, but just can't remember the reason

    @linuxxx hello! Let me confess you that you introduced me to online privacy with all those rants that you've been doing about it. I've been since then with an extra look on everything (and glad for it)

    It's wonderful to see how a community can last.
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    Btw, should not get devRant some new design? I would love to see new colors (while not removing the classic ones)!
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    @voidpy Appreciated! I've heard this before on here 😊 thank you :)
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