That's an interesting marketing model. Basically it says: "If you don't want us to send you data, buy our PREMIUM package."

somewhat ironic :) G has enough servers to jam our internet throughput and is asking $ for not doing that :) Sounds like... Ransomware

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    This rant is stupid af 😂
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    That's one way to interpret it.
    But since not everyone has the bandwidth to suck videos down their pipehole, the rant should should be "fuck google, charging me to play audio only instead of giving me 320p video... that I would end up bitching about anyway"
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    > In song mode, you can listen to the music without loading a video

    It says nothing about ads ;)
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    @M1sf3t allow me rephrase:

    1. I have video
    2. I have audio

    you want audio

    I give you both video and audio, unless you pay me

    you're on mobile [metered] data? Oh well, you'll still be paying for the video you don't need.

    You have poor wifi today [overutilized router?]? Want some music for the evening? Oh well, it's gonna be a shitty sound as the video you don't need will overwhelm the traffic.

    Unless you pay to G ofc to not send you the video feed :)

    it just feels weird to pay in order to no longer be getting something :)
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    @Kimmax if you say so... :)
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    At least there is NewPipe
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    @netikras you seem to entitled to me. Youtube has been providing a service of great value for free for a long time but they are not a charity.
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    @aviophile I think you're missing my point :)

    I'm not entitled nor am I against premium plans/ads/etc.

    It's just that I find ironic what is it YT is actually charging for :)
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    @netikras if I understand you correctly, you want the meat of free thing(in this case audio) that costs Youtube to provide(server/storage). You think it is paying but YT does not charge your mobile connection. They are providing data over internet. Or by charging, do you mean in premium, you can’t choose only audio?
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    @aviophile I mean that Premium means "paying to YT to not send you excessive data". Which translates to "paying to YT to not receive the video feed"

    Usually, people are paying in order to receive something MORE to what they get now.
    YT, however, charges you if you want to receive LESS.
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    Well if all the original files are in video format, converting/extracting audio is an extra processing(obv it can be optimized). In some cases it has also advantage of costing less on mobile connections, background playing. I would like original youtube would allow me to allow background playing but they have given me too many content overall that complaining about youtube seems to be first world problem.
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